Workplace cycling promotion - riding towards a sustainable future

some of our services - at a glance....

travel plans

We help and support organisations with their Travel Plan requirements, offering a range of travel plan services to the public, private and voluntary sectors.

health checks

We offer five levels of health checks from our introductory ‘Health Risk Assessment’ through to the ‘Complete Health & Fitness’, ensuring we have something that will meet the needs of your organisation.

workplace events and health fairs

Our events cover both health & wellbeing, and active travel, with the two often combined in promotional activities such as ‘Bike to Work Week’. We also provide health education and lifestyle courses, and health fairs designed for your workplace.

cycle parking

Advice, planning and installation of bike stands is just one of the facility services we provide. Site inspections and needs analysis will ensure the most suitable cycle parking for your environment, considering space, security, location and budget.

company cycle hire

Workplace cycle hire schemes have many benefits to both employers and employees. However, the practicalities of setting up hire schemes can seem daunting. We can help you setup a self-managed programme or put in place a fully-functioning scheme which we then manage and support for you.

cycle training

As part of our commitment to reducing barriers to active travel, we provide a comprehensive cycle training programme that can be held at your workplace or a local cycle-training centre. Courses cater for those learning to ride through to people looking to gain extra confidence riding on public roads.


about us

We believe being physically active is the single most important lifestyle factor with regards to health and wellbeing, and yet the majority of people still don’t meet the minimum recommendations. A relatively simple way to increase physical activity is by active travel, and with the increasing awareness of sustainable transport, organisations have a great opportunity to address employee health & wellbeing alongside company travel plans.

Celonia is unique in that we look at the bigger picture, and help companies identify and address all the factors which can impinge on their staff’s health, wellbeing and productivity.


active travel & cycling

Active travel is a central part of any sustainable travel plan, but active travel outcomes are often poorly defined or not achievable. Our expertise stems from a lifetime commitment to active travel and an understanding of what is required to make active transport a reality. Too often sustainable transport measures are cherry picked without addressing the barriers that prevent people from changing their travel behaviour. Our completely bespoke approach ensures we identify the barriers facing your oganisation, and only implement initiatives that contribute to removing existing barriers. read more

health and wellbeing

‘Health & Wellbeing’ is a broad term that can be applied to many aspects of our home and work lives. We help people gain a better understanding of their own health and to make informed choices of what they can do to make a difference. Our work is lead by evidence-based principles and we are experienced in supporting people to make sustainable and achievable lifestyle changes. For employers we help develop a better understanding of the needs of your workforce and can advise on measures required to support staff through a wide range of health and wellbeing more